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I laugh in the face of danger. Then run and hide until it goes away. --Xander
Snoopy and Woodstock

Labor Day!

I wonder if this Labor Day would be any more exciting if I had a job that I was getting to not labor at today?

Probably not.
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Hang In There

Oh, That's What Homsickness Feels Like

Yeah, I'm a tad pick homesick today. I knew it was going to happen sooner or later and it's not even really that bad. It's just Mom and Dad are out of town or else I'd just call them and I'd feel better. And last night was a bit exhausting. Was at a house-party and once everyone was nice and boozed up, suddenly a lot of attention turned to the "Girl from LA". I don't like that kind of attention. I don't MIND it, and I was willing to answer everyone's questions but there were so many of them and some of them were pretty probing. I mean, I EXPECT it...I am fully aware that it's not every day a girl packs up everything she owns and moves the way I did, from and to the places I did.

It doesn't help that it's the Sunday before Labor Day so I can't really DO anything today but sit around and contemplate it. At least tomorrow we'll be going to Greg's Mom's and I know that will cheer me up. She's fantastic. And I have some promising job leads and once I get a job, I'll just generally feel so much better about everything.

So yeah, just a blah day is all.
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PB Inigo WTF

Gone Fishin'

We didn't catch anything so we went home hungry (not really, we got nachos and hot dogs at the local Speedway), but it was still so much fun. I can't wait to do it again! Next time, those fishies will be mine!

I took some video.

I also took some of the best photos I've ever taken. I have them up on my Facebook.
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Bacon Sandwich?

Goin' Fishing

Greg and I just got in last night with all my worldly possessions. We're going to celebrate by going fishing today. I've never been fishing before. I'm really, really excited.

So yeah, life is good.
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Sam at sex ed

40 Weeks Later...

Yes, my livejournal tells me that I have not updated it in a whopping 40 weeks! Well, it didn't actually tell me that like it whispered in my ear at night, "Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeni, you have not upppppppppdated me in 40 weeeeeeeeeeeeks! Do it or I will murder you." No, it did not speak to me in such a manner. But my friend Alex did Google me the other day (that's what she said), and he pointed out that I did in fact have a livejournal. And I remembered it to be so.

I guess I'm going to try to start using it again. Now is a good time...I'm about to embark on a new chapter of my life, one that will be moving me away from a lot of my friends and family. So having a place to put down frequent updates to keep everyone in the loop will be a good thing.

For those not "in the know", I'm going to be leaving Los Angeles for the greener pastures of Kentucky. I'll be living in Shepherdville at first but my boyfriend and I hope to find a place in Louisville once I get settled with a job and other various necessities.

A lot of people think the decision is sudden. But in actuality, this has been several years in the making. Los Angeles, while supplying me with memories that will last a lifetime and opportunities I could have never dreamed I'd get the chance to tackle, was never "home" to me. I met amazing people, life-long friends that made living here so much more bearable, but the honest truth of the matter is this is not where I want to build an extended life and it's certainly not where I want to raise children.

People wonder about my relationship too. And I can understand that. It's been...rocky. It's been...complicated. But the one overriding thing it always was were two people with a deep love, respect, and admiration for each other just not quite at a place where they could be together. Until now. And it's not going to be easy, I have no grandious dreams of us packing up my car, driving into the sunset (well, the sun sets in the West and we're heading East, so I guess that isn't really logical...moving on...), and living happily ever after. This is going to be work, in more ways then I can even divulge at this present moment.

But I really feel, deep in my heart (I know, a cliché of the ultimate magnitude but it works), it will be worth it.

So yeah...I'll update this a lot more often. ;)
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Abe Lincoln Christmas

Wanna See My Wikis?

With winter upon me, I have not been feeling myself. Or maybe I haven't been feeling myself for a long time now and only notice it now because of the weight that sort of slams down on me when the weather changes. Either way, I'm in a mood to make some changes. I will be moving to a new place soon...a place with roommates and 3 cats and a baby joining us in January. It's going to be a huge shift. But one I think I am not only ready for...but need.

In the meantime, here are some things to look at: some of my very own wikis!


Crew Page For RedEarth88
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Writer's Block

I Need You So Much Closer

I was trying to sleep the other night. I've found it hard to sleep lately. I put on music I find soothing, music that was introduced to me by someone that I found soothing. It was soothing me.

But then the shots rang out. Five. In a row. Quickly.

I knew what they were but tried to ignore them. Because what could possibly follow shots that short together...bang bang bang bang bang.

And then the sirens. No denying it at that point.

"Tape this off."

Still...I wasn't sure.

But now there is the candles. Covered in glass. Long-lasting.

These were candles designed to be long-lasting. Someone was being remembered.

And all I could do was selfishly wonder...

...if it was me, would I be remembered this way?

This can't be happening.
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